风险提示:防范以"虚拟货币""区块链"名义进行非法集资的风险 —银保监会等五部门


今天,链安财经有幸邀请到了B21的共同创始人Nitin为大家带来关于“ 区块链的入圈投资入口”的主题分享!


联合创始人  Nitin


主持人: 能为我们介绍下创立B21的初衷和愿景么?

 could you tell us the purpose and vision of founding B21 


Nitin:B21 is aimed to bring in billions of users to the crypto ecosystem.  

B21 enables investing, spending and earning ( staking of crypto ) for every one




主持人: 能为我们介绍下B21的核心团队和投资机构么?

 could you introduce the team and investors behind B21


Nitin:The founders are 


Nitin Agarwal 

Fintech and Crypto product specialist. Co-inventor of crypto-linked debit cards, issued over 1M accounts in 70 countries, specialized in money in and out at PayPal. Built wallets for Telefónica and Reliance.


Miles Paschini 

Lifetime entrepreneur in payments. Seven patents, prior company sold to Blackhawk NYSE (HAWK), co-inventor of crypto-linked debit cards, issued over 1M accounts in 70 countries, vision & strategy leadership.


And the team includes 

 Larry Herbinaux

Larry is an experienced, hands-on software architect involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of micro services architectures, service-oriented architectures, and distributed systems. Larry has 28 years of experience as a successful software architect, developer and executive, working on many high-profile projects for companies such as Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Wireless Knowledge. 


 Anant Anant Gupta

Anant has over 17 years of experience in Software Architecture, Design and Development. He is a full stack developer and solution architect, with a passion for cryptocurrencies. Formerly Anant was a Solution Architect for FIS Global and Technical Architect for Sonata. 

 Parth Agarwal

Parth has a track record of Business Development by Investing and Advising in different blockchain projects. He is passionate on payments, banking and decentralized finance.

 Sathish D

Sathish has worked in Payments and Fintech space for more than 9 years and has handled various portfolios including global product and corporate marketing, business intelligence, analytics and operations.


Nitin Agarwal


Miles Paschini

致力于支付领域创业企业家。持有的七项专利被卖给了Blackhawk NYSE(HAWK),后者是加密货币借记卡的共同发明者,在70个国家/地区拥有超过100万个用户,他具有远见和战略领导地位。



Larry Herbinaux

Larry是一位经验丰富的软件架构师,在微服务架构、面向服务的架构和分布式系统的架构有着设计和实操经验。Larry在软件假设、开发和执行方面拥有28年的经验,曾为Microsoft,Qualcomm和Wireless Knowledge等公司为许多备受瞩目的项目效力。

Annant Anant Gupta

Anant在软件架构、设计和开发方面拥有超过17年的经验。他是全栈开发人员和解决方案架构师,对加密货币充满热情。 Anant以前曾是FIS Global的解决方案架构师和Sonata的技术架构师。

Parth Agarwal


Sathish D




 what is the basic function of B21


Nitin:B21 enables everyone to start participating in the crypto economy.  It enables users to invest and earn returns in crypto.  B21 is focussed towards masses to invest, earn and spend crypto - making it easy for everyone  

B21使每个人都可以参与加密经济。它使用户能够投资并获得加密货币的回报。 B21专注于大众投资,投资和消费加密货币- 在这里所有人都能更加方便地进入加密货币世界



 compare to wallets in the crypto space now, what advantages does B21 possess


Nitin:B21 is a custodial app which is regulated and insured so there is no risk of losing your cryptocurrencies.  It is the most easiest way to manage your crypto currenies - without having any technical knowledge and knowing about wallets, keys, seed, pass phrases etc.  It is one of the most secure and trusted way to invest and hold cryptocurrencies for a long time.  




 what is B21's investment scope


Nitin:B21 token is line binance or crypto.com token but with still a very low market cap.  B21 token is listing on Tier 1 exchange in coming days.  B21 has a growing user base and a solid roadmap.  As the product grows there will be more and more buying pressure for the B21 token  

B21代币是可以比较为crypto.com或者bnb这样的代币,但市值仍然很低。 B21代币将在未来几天在头部交易所上市。 B21拥有不断增长的用户基础和扎实可行的路线图。随着产品的增长,市场对B21代币的需求将会越来越多



 we have witnessed many fun security issues in this year, how would B21 ensure  security to users


Nitin:B21 holds all the crypto assets in cold wallets which are provided by top tier custody solution companies from US and Israel.  The assets are also insured against any breach of security.  Hence B21 is the most trusted and secure crypto investing platform 



主持人: 大家非常关心B21的通证,能为我们介绍下B21的通证经济模型么?

7 we all care and curious about B21 token, would you like to elaborate tokenomics to us




主持人: 对于参与B21的用户,如何能获得收益?

 for B21 users, how to gain profit


Nitin:B21 is a better product than many of the existing wallets and apps.  It has live users which are growing,  The best way to participate in this growth is by joining hands in growing the user base and also owning B21 tokens and stake it to get rewards.  As the product grows the need for B21 token will increase.


With supply being limited and staked ( locked ) and demand increasing there will be a good growth in the token usage and price  




 主持人: B21平台有怎样的造血功能和落地生态?

 how does B21 make profit and how to make application applicable in the market


Nitin:B21 makes money when users buy and sell crypto - it makes money with the spread in the price of crypto 




more and more institutions coming to crypto space while the market booms, how does B21 plan for opportunities and risks in the future?


Nitin:This is very good news for the whole crypto market.  With more institutions coming in - more individuals will also come in.  And B21 is the best and simplest way to invest in cryptoassets.  We enable investing, earning ( Staking ), spending ( bank transfer and cards )